My name is Robert Wojtkiewicz. I've been with Real Change for 24 years. The people I live with are so special to me. That gives me a happy feeling inside. I like reading publications. I hope I stay with the paper for a very long time. 

"I was born in Chicago but I've wanted to live in the Northwest. My dream and vision was to live in Seattle when it was up and coming in the ’80s. This city, to me, looks better than ever. No matter how much Seattle is ever changing, when I'm here, I just feel happy. People not only treat you good, but it gives me a feeling that you're never alone. Got to have some kind of company about you. [Robert greets passerby: "Hi. How are you?"] I like my job. 

"What the politicians and what the people ask for, sometimes they don't collaborate. But I feel good about the future. The future teaches me to be optimistic.

"Sometimes I think I'm a slow learner. Don't push yourself too hard, a lot of people told me, and I remember those people. They're special in my heart. I hope I get to school again. I took pre-college courses at Western. I love Western. They gave me an education. 

"I believe you've got to encompass everything and you have to pursue your goals. The way I see it everyone has unique goals, not only mentally and physically but intellectually. People endeavor for all different things and all types of reasons. I always want to remember people and their thoughts. I can't read inside of people's minds, but I know that there are good things coming in this world." 


Savannah Newton is an artist who lives in Afton, Wyoming.