August Mallory was born and raised in Indiana and is a 10-year veteran of the U.S. Navy. After serving his term of service
he changed his career and began working in warehouses. In 1998, August and 800 other workers lost their jobs when at
the warehouse where he was working in Columbia, South Carolina was shut down. August relocated to Washington, D.C.,
where he did odd jobs and eventually began selling the street newspaper Street Sense; In 2006, he came to Seattle to
sell Real Change.
Mallory also worked as a homeless advocate while at Real Change.
“People don’t seem to understand why people are homeless. A person doesn’t wake up in the morning and say, “Well, I’m
going to be homeless today.” It doesn’t happen overnight. People go through a series of trials. A lot of companies are
downsizing and laying people off. People are losing their jobs, their homes.
“The general public gets upset. They say, ‘Get a job, get a job, get a job.’ Well, Real Change is a job.”
For August Mallory, Real Change is not only a job; it’s a means of public education. “It’s given me an opportunity to get
involved in the general public and draw awareness to the issues of homelessness.” Mallory’s education of the public has
not been limited to Seattle.
When Street Sense opened in Washington, D.C., Mallory was its first vendor. Later he would travel from city to city,
reporting “on the road” about how other cities engage with homelessness. He would share his knowledge about poverty
over the crackle and hum of radio waves for the local D.C. station WOL.
While selling Real Change, Mallory had a part-time job at Qwest Field, and sold Avon products.
He has a passion for words. He writes mysteries about characters Marvin Hammerman and Russell Jamison.
“Hammerman and Jamison are an attorney and a private investigator. They’re working together to solve mysteries of
people who are homeless who are mysteriously disappearing.”


Janetmarie Valiga is a poet/artist/musician living in Poulsbo, Washington. She is Vice President of Poulsbo’s no-fee
Sound Works Job Center that specializes in finding employment, especially for lower (or no) income people in North
Kitsap County.